Learning Is Fun With Nembo

Nembo is a treasure box of math-based board games. Each box consists of a family of 4 unique games based on various math concepts. All the games are carefully designed and curated by experts for the age group of 5-12 years old.

Play And Grow With Nembo

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No More Running Away From Math

Help your child develop a positive attitude and better understanding of math with Nembo Box.

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Extra marks for clear concepts

Nembo helps your child to clarify and construct knowledge of the concepts to improve marks. 

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Screen off game on

We make sure your child doesn’t need to spend unhealthy time on the screen to engage themselves.

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Family that plays together stays together

Our products encourages you to spend quality family time to uplift your child’s emotional wellbeing. 

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Master of all traits, pack of fun!

All the games focuses on 21st Century skills to ensure holistic development of your child.

Box of more than just games

Some More Products in Nembo Series


What Do Our Users Say

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Is your child prepared for the 21st century?

Our 21st century assessment lets you find the strength and weakness of your children on various key mathematical abilities such as Number Sense, Spatial Understanding, Measurement Sense, Estimation Sense and Pattern Recognition. It can be used to identify how children are doing in terms of these key mathematical abilities.

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