Tinway is a seed that was planted when a 17-year-old student questioned the existing education system. Payas found that he had always been asked to learn his whole life but had never been taught how to learn. It was the curiosity to understand oneself and the environment around him that created an interest to understand the education system.

This seed germinated on 21st March 2016, with an experiment to empower a child to take charge of her education. After that day, it was understood that education has the power to change the lives of individuals and the potential to change the world.

Tinway grew with a similar inspiration to help one build love towards learning and empower themselves with knowledge. We believe it can be best achieved through student-centered learning, a phenomenon where education is perceived inside-out rather than outside-in

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Meet The Team

Payas Agarwal
Rishabh Sehgal
Production Head
Charvi Mantri
Credited Game & Product Designer
Atul Anand
Credited Game Designer & Subject Matter Expert
Nikita Rawat
Credited Game Designer & Subject Matter Expert