Futuristic Learning Space

A student-centered learning lab enabled with technology to help learners improve their conceptual understanding and reasoning skills.

Rewritable Table with Digital Screen

The setup includes a rewritable table enabled with wifi & digital screen which is equipped with a library of game-based learning content directly mapped with the school syllabus. This unique hardware provides a hands-on learning experience for the students. It helps students to apply and build a better conceptual understanding. The engaging and collaborative set of activities encourages peer learning.

Wall Mount Based on Reasoning Skills

A unique set of hardware that can be mounted on the wall and are equipped with various puzzles and activities that helps in developing 21st-century skills. Unique hardware that can be mounted on the walls to effectively utilize the space. These wall mounts are embedded with a wide set of interesting puzzles and activities which helps students develop various 21st-century skills such as logical thinking, decision making and creativity.

Teacher Support Along with Teach App

We provide constant support to the teachers through our Teacher App and Teacher Orientation and Training ses- sion. The Teacher Orientation and Training is a detailed and interactive session to help the teachers get familiar with all the aspects of the lab and help them get the complete knowledge of every resource in order to use them in the most effective way. Teacher app is equipped with several features which is helpful for the teachers to ensure the smooth functioning of the lab.

Tailored Space Transforming
Learning Experience

EdLab is a tailored space customized to the needs of your school. We take up an empty space and transform it to provide a unique learning space to the students. Through our innovative hardware like rewritable digital tables and wall mounts along with a wide variety of content mapped with the school curriculum, we provide the best user ex-perience. This versatile space provides a friendly environment to both teachers and students.

Our other products

Research project

Our others products

Research project