Nembo is a family of 4 different games in one box. It is a complete package to prepare your child for the 21st century.

  • Children need to see Math in a better light and enjoy the learning process . Nembo help your children to develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and get engaged in the exercise.
  • Involvement of parents is a very crucial factor in a child’s development. Nembo helps you to spend quality time with your child.
  • Boredom and disinterest towards learning is a major concern among children of all age groups. Nembo games help children to engage constructively.
  • Nembo games help children to bring out their creativity and other problem solving and decision making skills.

Various 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity are very crucial for future jobs. Nembo games are designed to bring out and sharpen these crucial skills of your children.

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Nembo is a box full of unlimited happiness and learning. 

It consists of a family of 4 different games based on various math concepts. They are -:

  • Games based on various topics of Numbers which help them understand how to compare quantities, divide things in fractions, calculate ratios.
  • Games on Geometry that help them identify shapes, understand and apply the properties of different geometrical shapes and attributes.
  • Games on Algebra that help kids identify the meaning of variables and use them to calculate the values of various equations.
  • Games based on Statistics where they get familiar about how to use various tools like tally or graphs to analyse any data.
  • Games that have the component of Area and Perimeter which help them to play with the measurement of different shapes.
  • A Manual to assist you on how to play all the games in an easy and engaging way.

Nembo consists of games which are based on the mathematical concepts best suited for the age group 5 to 12. However the engagement factor of these games make them perfect for kids and adults above 5 years.