Nembo Junior - 1st Edition


Age: 8-10
Concept- Number, Geometry, Measurement, Pattern

Product description

Your child will be learning the concept of subtracting (regrouping) while collecting stars, patterns while finding aliens, division while baking pizzas, and time while doing their chores through Nembo Junior First Edition. Along with the math concepts, kids will also be applying strategic thinking ability and communication skills. The Box will have 4 board games along with an instruction manual to assist your child on how to play all the games in an easy and engaging way. Let’s make learning fun with Nembo!


Give & Take

Learning Objective: Subtracting Numbers with Regrouping

Sand of Time is running low, complete your challenge in time and reach the Stars. This game will help you to learn to subtract the numbers by breaking them down into tens and ones.

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Missing Aliens

Learning Objective: Identifying and Completing Patterns

Visiting aliens are missing and their friends are worried now! Find them and get them back with their friends. This game will help you to identify and complete missing pieces of various patterns.


Pizza Mania

Learning Objective: Division of Numbers

Make a lot of yummy Pizzas by dividing the ingredients equally. This game will help the kids to see division as sharing things equally.

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What’s The Time

Learning Objective: Reading Clock and differentiating between events occurring in time

Race against the clock and follow the routine to make your day wonderful. This game will help you understand various times of the day and how to read a clock.

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