Nembo Senior - 1st Edition


Age: 10-12
Concept- Number Operation, Measurement, Algebra

Product description

Your child will be learning the concept of Addition & Subtraction of Integers while rolling dice, place value of numbers while racing on the clouds, Area & Perimeter while hunting monsters, and variables while climbing ladders through Nembo Senior First Edition. Along with the math concepts, kids will also be applying strategic thinking ability and communication skills. The Box will have 4 board games along with an instruction manual to assist your child on how to play all the games in an easy and engaging way. Let’s make learning fun with Nembo!


Integer Run

Learning Objective: Addition & Subtraction of Integers

Don’t lose your attention at any point. You might feel you are at a bigger number but the Number Line doesn’t work like that. The game will help you apply the concept of the addition of two Integer numbers. It is based on one of the topics of the Number System.

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Cloud 9

Learning Objective: Place value of numbers

Does the thundering of the clouds scare you a little? Well not here. In this game, thundering will be beneficial for you. It will also let you understand and apply the concept of Place Value. It is based on one of the topics of the Number System.


Moster Hunt

Learning Objective: Calculating Area & Perimeter

Once there was a time when people used to fear Monsters. But after they played this game they started creating their personalized Monsters. This game will also help you apply the concept of Area & Perimeter. It is based on one of the topics of Mensuration.

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Learning Objective: Forming General Rules with Variables

Gotta Catch ‘em All!! Catch all the Numbers before it’s too late to claim. It will also let you understand the concept of Ratio and Equivalent Ratio. It is based on one of the topics of Algebra.

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