Nembo Senior - Fourth Edition


Product description

Your child will be learning the concept of rounding off while having mud race, units while trading numbers, geometric elements while making houses, and the whole number while competing for space through Nembo Senior Fourth Edition. Along with the math concepts, kids will also be applying spatial ability and estimation skills. The Box will have 4 board games along with an instruction manual to assist your child on how to play all the games in an easy and engaging way. Let’s make learning fun with Nembo!

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Learning Objective: Rounding off Numbers

Can you recall how things start to shake when an earthquake occurs? Well, this game will surely shake you up a little bit. It will also let you understand the concept of Rounding Off. It is based on one of the topics of the Number System.

Zoop top
Trade Off top

Trade Off

Learning Objective: Converting Measuring Units

Be the greatest Trader of All. In the process keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This game will let you apply the concept of Conversion of Units It is based on one of the topics of Geometry.

Maker’s Lab

Learning Objective: Using basic Geometric elements to Design

This is a place where you can unleash your creativity and make the best designs with the shapes. The game will help you apply the concept of making Geometrical Shapes using basic attributes. It is based on the topics of Geometry.

Maker's Lab top
Number Chamber top

Number Chamber

Learning Objective: Verifying Properties of Whole Numbers

Pass on the baton and run for your life. Oh sorry! Run for your ‘Property Card’. This game will help you to verify the property of Whole Numbers. It is based on one of the topics of the Number System.




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