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Futuristic Learning Space

Tinway’s core philosophy is to “Know Your User” before envisioning a product or service. It not only helps us to understand our users pain points and aspiration but also helps us in Innovating and designing product which truly benefit the society. We believe education research should be shared work to help innovator, creators and thinkers learn and understand from our work and build upon it.

Product Strategy Framework for rural and government schools of India

Research through observational methods, interviews, experimental pilots with students, parents, school owners and the entire rural ecosystem helped us to envision a strategic framework of – Child Learning & Engagement, Classroom Facilitation, parent inclusion and school ecosystem.


Ethnographic research of Middle schooler learning to uncover strategic direction for new learning solutions

Exploratory research to uncover and understand the potential learning gaps among the Elite Middle-school space, and explore Strategic directions for Product development. Study was conducted among 3 prominent stakeholders involved in the education of a child- Students, Teachers and Parents. The aim was to understand different factors, approaches and perspectives contributing to the learning process of the middle-schoolers.

Field Research of Rural Schools to visualise gap between quality education

Partnered with Vision India Foundation & IIT Delhi, our team  visited several rural villages to take interviews and collect field data to present the rural village gap helping to create a data bank to understand rural ecosystems.


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Our others products

Research project