No Child Left Behind

Scholar is a Video Game intended to educate the user without the assistance of a tutor

Best Language Learning Pedagogy

Partnered with best curriculum experts we have used best learning pedagogy such as use of phonetics, blending & segmenting technique, sight words and systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Personalised LearningJourne

With the help of accurate data, we can analyse pain points, problems and other essential criteria of the teaching methodology and can iterate to augment its effect effortlessly. Kids can now have personalised game journey along with lessons and revisions plans.

Edutainment is the Key

Scholar is unique where with the help of the game, we are trying to educate the user implicitly. This method not
in teaching them eficiently.

Everyone can Learn

The game is designed to help the residents, especially that of the urban poor areas, where digital technology is available as medium of smart phone but lack quality teacher is the problem.

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